About Us

Smoking Hot Dad is a group dedicated to family, friends, fun, food, and of course, fermentation – the 5f’s! We are all about building up and recognizing dads and the role they have as providers and partners in growing healthy, happy families in the modern world. It helps if we can enjoy cooking and brewing technology as old as history itself, too.

The “Smoking Hot Dads” and SmokingHotDad.com were founded in 2018 over beers and full bellies as a celebration of community and food, and a passion for outdoor cooking.

About us

Smoking Hot Dad is a group of 5 dads doing something fun – Brad, Brian, Mark, Seth and Steve.

Smoking Hot Dad member Brad

Name: Brad
Nickname (s): Brad
Favorite beer: Guinness Stout, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Firestone 805, Belching Beaver Phantom Bride.
Favorite food: Tri Tip, Chicken Wings, Most Sushi, Pasta Carbonara
Interesting fact: I’ve lived abroad and speak fluent Italian.

Smoking Hot Dad member Brian

Name: Brian
Nickname (s): Dada, Daddy, Papa
Favorite beer: Usually darker beers like imperial stouts. Bad Scene Imperial Stout and Dissonance Blonde Stout from Institution.  
Favorite food: Difficult question! I could eat different kinds of cheeseburgers every day. I enjoy a simple but skillfully prepared steak.
Interesting fact: I like to learn about the history / culture of the dishes I make, also interested in the science behind cooking and brewing.

Smoking Hot Dad member Mark

Name: Mark
Nickname (s): Danger
Favorite beer: Cali Squeeze, Blood Orange Hef by SLO Brew. Firestone. Prefer beers with flavor, but not much bitter.
Favorite food: New local dish found during travels.
Interesting fact: Was 25 years old before I actually enjoyed a beer; dunkelweizen in southern Germany. 

Smoking Hot Dad member Seth

Name: Seth
Nickname (s): Pablo
Favorite beer: Sunset Slopes West Coast IPA and Neighborhood Pale Ale – Ventura Coast Brewing.   
Favorite food: Carne asada burritos or tacos.
Interesting fact: Raced a 360 Sprint Car around Ventura Raceway. 650hp in a 1300lb car, what could go wrong?! 

Smoking Hot Dad member Steve

Name: Steve
Nickname (s): Stoney, Coach
Favorite beer: Currently the Made West Pale Ale but that will probably change next week!
Favorite food: Grilled tri-tip / smoked chicken wings / burritos.
Interesting fact: While in South Africa I got to dive (in a cage) with Great White Sharks.

We’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to email us at info@smokinghotdad.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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