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This is a meal service where you are sent a certain number of pre-measured recipes per week. You can sign up for different number of meals per week and for how long.

Here I made a recipe for meatballs with a BBQ sauce and jasmine rice with roasted green beans. Pretty tasty!


Recipes are not bad most of the time. I have to adjust spice level for kids sometimes. They assume you have basic skill in cooking and have basic cooking tools and ingredients on hand (you will be instructed to add your own salt, pepper, and olive oil for almost every recipe). Meal cards with directions usually easy to follow. Meals average 30 mins to an hour between prep and cooking. Portions are very small. I generally supplement recipes and buy extra meat and side (rice or potatoes most of the time). Package says meals are for four people but are not enough for four. Lower tier recipes include lots of different ground meats, so that gets stale after a while. Most ingredients come in small individual plastic wrap, so is packaging inefficient (you can recycle some of the packaging, but not all). Still, recipes are creative and fun; you can keep all the cards with recipe directions to make your own.


Website says $7.50 per serving, so $30 for a “4-person” meal at the basic level. However, I find the portion size insufficient, so I add extra. Overall, you are not saving any money with this service, but it is also not a ton more expensive than going to the supermarket and buying everything on your own.


Convenient service for meal planning and mixing up your usual meals. A bit more expensive than I would like. Needs an option to increase portion size (a package for “six” people would be better for my family). Glad I tried it but will not renew subscription.

Overall rating 3.5/5

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