Brisket breakfast sandwich

Really fancied a decent sandwich today so came up with this beauty! A brisket, bacon and fried egg sandwich.

Brisket, bacon and egg in a sandwich.


Slice of thick smoked brisket.
4/5 rashers of bacon.
2 slices of your favorite bread.
Pinch of pepper.

How to prepare:

1: Toast bread and butter once done and set to one side.
2: Heat the pan and start to cook the bacon

Bacon and brisket cooking together!

3: Add the brisket to warm through. I decided to keep the bacon in the pan just to add another layer of flavor. Added bonus – the bacon fat added a layer of crispiness to the brisket!
4: Transfer the bacon and brisket to one side of the toast.
5: Fry the egg to your requirements – I like mine with a slightly runny yolk.
6: Place the egg on top of the brisket and add a pinch of pepper.

Fried egg on the brisket

7: Add the second slice of toast and cut in half.
8: Relax and enjoy!

Yummy brisket breakfast sandwich – did enjoy it!

On a side note, this was so delicious that I will be having it again for breakfast tomorrow!

Update to the sandwich!

Did the same as above but swapped out the bacon with Spam, used a sweet BBQ sauce and added a few fried onions. Ignore the comment above, this is now my favorite breakfast sandwich – smokey, salty and sweet!

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Some additional fun reading for you!! Read how I did my first ever brisket last summer.

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