Clean Your Grill – No, REALLY Clean Your Grill

Those who know me, know that I have been an aficionado for very periodic cleaning. Meaning, I have gotten comfortable with my grill having a certain, shall we say, patina.

That said, it should come as a surprise to no one that regular cleaning of your grill will ensure your food tastes the way it supposed to. To be honest, I’ve never worried too much about microbes, since the cooking temperature usually takes care of that. Insert cringe.

Today I decided to take the dive and compare three popular grill cleaning products I could find easily at the local big box shop.

Eagle eyed among the audience will notice I left out the Traeger brand product, but that has much to do with the fact that it costs twice as much as the others. 

Observe the dirty grill. This has been building up for well over three months, so we will put these products to the test.

To start, I laid out of dropcloth to catch the crud I knew would be coming off and picked out a single grill piece for each product.

I then apply the products as described on the bottle. The two traditional spray bottle products suggested about a minute of dwelltime, while the foaming spray was unclear, but certainly required more time.

After wiping off the degreaser for each piece, I was shocked to see how effective the CitruSafe and Weber products were. I was honestly kind of disappointed that the SimpleGreen foaming spray didn’t do a better job getting into the grime.

With a scientific, or at least pseudosscientific piece out of the way, I got to tackling the rest of the grill with the clear winner in my opinion, CirtuSafe.

No, this really wasn’t an in-depth cleaning, but I didn’t care to take more than 15 minutes on this project. To be honest, the fact that it only took 15 minutes makes me feel like I could do it more often and get better results over time.

What do you think? What do you do to keep your grill clean? Let me know in the comments below!

Cleaned up the grill to immediately get it dirty again. Feels right though.

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