Our Favorite Holiday Food

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to share our favorite holiday food and what we will be eating (probably too much of!!).

Happy holidays to you, your family, and friends!


Smoking Hot Dad favorite, homemade tamales

Food: Tamales with guacamole and rice
Why I enjoy it: Okay, so I do like the more Anglo-American traditional foods like turkey and ham, but for me, nothing says “family” and “Christmas” quite like getting together and sharing some lovely homemade tamales.


Smoking Hot Dad favorite, The Roast Beast, a piece of Prime Rib.

Food: The Roast Beast – Prime Rib
Why I enjoy it: Every year I have the privilege of making the roast beast! In the past, we’ve liked to keep it simple with a dry rub based on thyme, rosemary, onion, and garlic. This year, I’m planning to use My Sage Gourmet’s All Purpose Seasoning, which swaps oregano for the rosemary, but finishes with an intriguing sweetness coming from mild chilis and celery seed.


Smoking Hot Dad favorite, Mana's creamy gnocchi

Food: Mana’s gnocchi
Why I enjoy it: Tastes like saucy and cheesy tradition ūüėČ


Smoking Hot Dad favorite, pork tamales

Food: Pork tamales
Why I enjoy it: Growing up my grandmother would make homemade tamales with the rest of our family. It would turn into a party of sorts. This tradition has carried over with my wife and friends. Good times!


Smoking Hot Dad favorite, pigs in blankets

Food: British Pigs in a Blanket
Why I enjoy it: First up, the British pigs in a blanket should not be confused with those served in the U.S. In the U.K., they’re small, cocktail-sized sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, not the pastry-wrapped sausages served here. Now that is cleared up… who doesn’t love sausage and bacon combined together! Have fond memories of eating these growing up at my grandparents and parents’ house where there was always a fight to get the crispy ones. Now I cook a batch up just to enjoy!

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