7 Simple Ways to Control Stress

We all get stressed at one point in time or another and simple modifications in posture, mental focus and behavior go a long way in reducing that stress and tension. Here are 7 quick things you can do immediately to help keep your stress level under control and start feeling better!

Control Anger

Watch for the next instance in which you find yourself becoming annoyed or angry at something, then practice letting go by making a conscious choice to stay calm and avoid wasting thought and energy where it isn’t deserved.


Breathe slowly and deeply, by pausing your day and taking three deep breaths and releasing them slowly. If you have a few minutes, try out breathing exercises such as meditation or guided imagery.

Slow Down

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress, practice speaking more slowly than usual. You’ll find that you think more clearly and react more reasonably to stressful situations.

Complete One Simple Task

Focus on just one simple task you have been putting off (e.g. returning a phone call, making an appointment) and do it immediately.

Give Yourself Space

Get outdoors for a brief break and focus your attention on the furthest point you can see, usually a cloud in the sky or a distant horizon and breathe.

Hydrate and Stay Fueled

Drink plenty of water and eat small, nutritious snacks. Hunger and dehydration can provoke aggressiveness and exacerbate feelings of anxiety and stress.

Check Your Posture

Hold your head and shoulders upright and avoid stooping or slumping. Bad posture can lead to muscle tension, pain, and increased stress.

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We acknowledge we are not Doctor’s, and this advice is given out purely from our own experience.

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