Reheating a sub

We have all been there when deciding how to reheat a leftover sub. Having made too many meatball subs over weekend I now find myself in a similar situation – how shall I do it, microwave, oven or stovetop pan.

Meatball sub by Smoking Hot Dad
Reheated sub, was just as nice as the original!

The sub

I took a soft wheat roll (I normally do a white roll but wanted to try something different), cut it lengthwise but not to the very end and scooped out the insides. The roll was tall enough that I was able to double stack the meatballs (precooked and a mixture of beef and pork) layered with homemade tomato sauce. Topped the sub off with several slices of mozzarella cheese.


Did a little prep work before nuking the sub! To help with the reheating and to make sure it was hot all the way through I first cut the sub in half and then each of the meatballs on top in half. I then placed a paper towel over the top and set the microwave to run for 75 seconds on high. I then checked the sub and found it wasn’t quite hot enough, so I ran it again another 20 seconds.

The sub did come out nice and hot, but the bread was a little soft and soggy. It was edible just not as good as the original.


Prepared this sub by simply cutting in half, placed it on a baking tray and covered with foil. Pre heated the oven to 350 degrees (F) then placed the tray on the middle shelf and set the timer for 18 minutes. After 10 minutes I removed the foil and left it in for the remainder for the time.

The sandwich came out hot and crispy and really enjoyed it (again)!

Stovetop pan

Wasn’t too sure about trying this but read somewhere that it works. Put my skillet pan on the stove top on a medium setting and waiting for it to heat up. I know that just placing the sub bottom down probably won’t heat it all the way through, so I tried a slight different approach. I started reheating on the sides – the idea behind this was to try and get all of the roll and contents hot – a flipped the sub every 45 seconds or so. I did place the sub bottom down to finish up just to firm up the underneath. The sub did come out OK, was certainly edible but not as hot as I wanted it to be.

If I did try this method again, I would take a different approach and wrap the sub in foil in an attempt to get it hot all the way through and that way hopefully get away from all of the flipping I ended up doing!


All 3 ways worked just with different results however for a crispy hot sub I would recommend using the oven. The sub came out just as good as when I originally had made them!

Double stacked Meatball sub by Smoking Hot Dad
Beef and pork meatballs in a sub!

If there is another method, I should consider then please leave a message in the comments for me. Thanks

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