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What is the best way to secure a fence post? I just happened to be building a new fence and looked into the best way of doing this.

For me, it boiled down to 2 options – the standard concrete method or a foam-based method. I decided to try the foam-based method simply because, according to the pack, it was supposed to be a quick and easy method i.e. instant concrete. I went with the Sika PostFix which I got from Home Depot for $14.96 a bag.

Using Sika PostFix by Smoking Hot Dad

The instructions were pretty straight forward, prep the holes, mix the ingredients (step by step instructions were provided on the packaging), pour in the hole and wait.

It did exactly what it said on the packet – expanded and filled the holes. It didn’t take too long to get all 3 holes filled and I left it to set. Certainly a lot quicker than using concrete!

When I came back the following day, I was a little surprised that all 3 posts were unsecure – I had high hopes that this would work. On two of the holes the foam had separated from the post, and I was able to lift one of the posts out. The 3rd hole everything came out, post and foam. Was very disappointed with the result


As easy as it was to use, I would not recommend this at all! So, if you want to secure a fence post then stick with the method that has always worked – concrete. I ended up using the fast-setting concrete mix from Quikrete and it did the job I needed it to.

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