Memorial Day Sliderfest: Bacon Beef Sliders

We got this weekend’s Sliderfest started with a pretty conventional slider: beef, bacon, and sharp cheddar.

Starting with a citrus hefe while grilling up the goods.

I mixed pink Himalayan salt and black pepper into some 80/20 ground beef. The grill was already real hot so the slider patties started searing almost instantly.

Once I had a good sear on the first side, I packed chopped bacon (pre baked in the oven for 15 minutes at 475) into the soft side. I flipped the patties and after a minute or so, put them on the top rack and topped them with sharp cheddar.

While they finished up I sliced and toasted King’s Hawaiian and dinner rolls. This gave them a crispier texture and helped balance the juiciness of the patties.

Jere seemed to enjoy the slider. He’s a good man with good taste!

If you’re looking for a simple slider with a little pop, this is a good place to start! Interested in a complete recipe? Comment below, and in the meantime check out the rest of our Memorial Day Sliders!

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