Steve’s BBQ Haven – part 1

Back in 2020 my collection of BBQ’s and smokers was too big for the patio to handle! I decided (with a little prompting from the wife) that I needed somewhere different to store them – apparently 4 was too much for the patio!

My son had outgrown the ninja warrior climbing frame I had built him a few years earlier, so it was decided, dismantle that and build somewhere to house the equipment.

Backyard Ninja Warrior course by Smoking Hot Dad

I decided to keep it simple with a basic L shaped design that I could place (and hide) all of the equipment behind. Went with a bar top for some extra room to help with food preparation and of course a place for the essential grilling tool, the beers.

Didn’t plan on doing anything too fancy, just wanted it to have a look worn / rustic. Added the silver grates last minute just to ‘open’ it up a bit and over the next year added lights and signs.

Original BBQ cooking area and bar by Smoking Hot Dad

It ended up working out really well! Whenever we got together (in between Covid outbreaks) it became a focal point for the dads to gather around, grill and enjoy a few cold ones!

What happened next??? Read Part-2 here.

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