Steve’s BBQ Haven – part 3

So, after finishing up the BBQ area I decided that I need to have an area just to sit and chill out. The area in front of the griddle side was wasted space, with the grass not really growing and with the new So Cal water requirements less grass meant less water used!

First up I added a piece of landscaping edging – this was a lot harder than I expected and took way more hours than planned – mainly due to the hard ground! Once that was in worked on removing the grass and leveling off the area. Once all the dirt and grass had been dug out a good covering of weed and grass killer was applied just to get rid of any roots that I missed, and I did miss a lot!

Next up was to add some bark to match the existing area and some seating. The table I had made last summer and painted in the wife’s garden colors, added 4 chairs and I was done!

Love how all of this came together and super pleased with the results. Have already enjoyed morning coffee and afternoon beers in my new favorite place in the yard to relax. Looking forward to having friends over to cook and chill!

Famous last words – ‘No more plans to add any additional area / features to this’

How did this all start? Read Part-1 and Part-2 to see how this started and grew.

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