Steve’s BBQ Haven – part 2

Roll on 2022 and I decided the yard needed a refresh… starting with the BBQ area.

As the original idea was a hit, I thought it would be good to expand on that and make it more inviting. First up had to level the whole structure up (originally put up as a temporary structure). Once that was done, set about adding a 3ft area in front and a 2.5ft shelf inside.

Made the area in the front wide enough so I can add bar stools and be able to sit at the bar if needed. Originally the whole of the area inside was going to be decked but decided instead to do a shelf and only have the BBQ equipment off the ground plus this made it a lot easier to cook as well as wasn’t bending over as much.

Last up was a little bit of landscaping to finish up the area.

Love how it came out and looking forward to having the Smoking Hot Dads, their families and our friends over to start a summer of grilling, smoking and enjoying a beverage or two together!

New BBQ cooking and bar area by Smoking Hot Dad

Now just need to do the rest of the yard.

How did this all start? Read Part-1 here.

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