Memorial Day Sliderfest: Guac Adobo Chicken

Matt took the slider challenge to the limit with Guacamole Adobo Chicken sliders. The uncultured among us learned that Matt was tapping into the Spanish (like, from Spain Spanish) tradition of tapas. So, while he may have been going for the avant-garde angle, he probably brought us all back to the deep, deep roots of sliders.

A surprising but extremely satisfying choice for Sliderfest 2022 – Guac Adobo Chicken. Mmm..

Matt prepped the pollo adobo at home and heated it up at the party. A good choice – the seasoning was perfect and the chicken was juicy but properly cooked. Nothing like a good local market for regional favorites! We’ll post an in-depth on prepping the meat later, but for now, enjoy the assembly.

Matt got the party going with refried beans on seared flatbread, which serves to hold the shredded and chopped chicken together.
On goes the chicken.
After loading up the chicken, Matt used fresh guacamole and a drizzle of red-pepper mayo to glue everything together. Zing!

Do you want to see an in-depth on this recipe? Comment below and let us know!

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